Monday, 5 December 2016

Indepth Understanding Of Computer Cookies Will Save Your Time!

Computer cookies are known to almost everybody but are widely confused too. It is important to clear the confusion related to why, when and how to clean my computer cookies. It should start from an easy understanding of cookies. Cookies are small files found on user’s computer designed to store modest quantity of data which can be accessed by web server or client computer. Your browser sends the cookie back to its origin i.e. the website that sets the cookie.

Since cookies have the ability to track down your browsing history they often earn bad reputation for them. A lot of people confuse cookies with spyware or viruses. While you visit a site, the site stores a cookie to remember your visit whenever you revisit the site. The most important feature of cookie is persistence. It is indeed the most powerful aspect of cookie. Once a cookie is set on user’s browser, it stays there not for hours not for days but for months or even more. Website owners make use of cookies to understand and remember your browsing preferences. When you are enabled to login without username and password, it must have stored it in cookie which is there on your hard drive. They also get the advantage of counting on the number of visits to their websites with the help of cookies. With this, the user gets more unsecured and privacy is at stake.

There are more disadvantages for the user. If you rely on cookies to login your mail account for example, you will be at loss if you delete cookies. Also cookies are pertained to a particular desktop or laptop. If you use the same site at some other system there will be no cookies to help you. Also the user when will be sharing the browser account with someone, his browsing history will be accessible to the other user for which he might not be comfortable. So you can disable these cookies with the help of browser’s help documentation. It will be a practical decision to have experts help for a nominal fee to get rid of irritation due to computer cookies.

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