Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Computer Not Booting Up? Try These 6 Suggestive Tips

Sometimes, the computer stops booting up. Even after pressing the power button, nothing happens. Besides, the system gets past the power-on-startup-test and then fails. Whatever be the matter, there are many ways to fix the problem. Want to know them? Check them out below:
  1. Double checking all the connections: This is the initial step. However, no matter how tech savvy you are, lose connector cord can be the reason behind. Make sure this is not the case by checking every connection that goes from and to the PC.
  2. Flip the PC onto its side: Any part that has detached from the motherboard can also cause problems. In this case, flip the case on its side to reconnect the parts.
  3. Check the wall socket has power: If nothing happens when the power button is hit, electrical system might be the reason behind. If this is the case, it would be good to check another device in the same wall socket to confirm if actually it is so.
  4. Look for a motherboard problem: To check if the motherboard has failed, it is recommended to eliminate every other problem. Detach all the components from the motherboard. Now power it on. If this works. Start plugging in all devices one by one to check which one is causing the problem.
  5. Check for a BIOS issue: BIOS monitors the motherboard to run properly. Start the computer and press a key like DEL, or F2. Once in, look for ‘primary master’ setting which shows the main hard drive. If there is no main hard drive that’s connected, it can make the computer fail immediately. After the setting, if there are numbers, the BIOS has found the main drive.
  6. Look for a bad hard drive: If there are no numbers after the primary setting, hard drive is the clear issue. To check whether it is dead or not, install in into another PC. If it still works, there is cable issue with the computer. Switch out all the cables that are connected to the hard drive.
Anytime you come across computer not boot up error, use these tips to fix the problem. If not a tech savvy, feel free to call the professional tech support experts who will solve the issue remotely. At very affordable price and in a seamless way, you will get back your healthy and working PC. Waiting for what? Implements these tips now!

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