Thursday, 20 July 2017

3 Hacks To Make Torrent Sharing Safer & Virus Free

If there’s anything in the world which has brought peace to youngsters’ life is utorrent! The risk of introducing Trojan along with utorrent.exe file is known to everyone yet the excitement of downloading the file makes you forget the related harm. Following the release of new TV series, movies, games, e-books or software, the authors of malware starts to plan their act of spreading and infecting your computers.

Trojan Horse is the one type of malware that primarily acts as a legitimate computer execution file however, on the download, its function differs from what it was stated. The purpose of Trojan is not easily detected by the users due to its suspicious “I’m so cool” behavior.

Now, after the introduction in 2004, utorrent by Bittorrent Inc. has made way through many computer. It is a peer-to-peer networking where, one person can generate a torrent link for other users to download the file from the host computer. This sharing method instantly took a hit in the generation of tech-savvy people. Sooner the malware authors saw this as an opportunity to spread virus as they saw people were getting crazy to download without much authentication.

For the company, Ads are the main source of income in free software and ad-free version is paid which is the second way of earning their profits. To the intelligent lot, it is enough to understand that if your system is lagging, browser is slow or crashing or even more annoying, if you are getting endless ads on your screen then thank the utorrent.exe file which has helped to execute the Trojan’s purpose. This background application runs as you boot your computer. So, you’ll never be able to blame this file for all your troubles.

This doesn’t mean, there’s no solution to enjoy free computer trojan removal software without the risk of security breach and losing out on your personal files and data. There are ways to cope up with this situation:

SOLUTION 1: Stop The Background Process of utorrent.exe
The first and foremost way to do this is by accessing your task manager. Go to “Processes” tab and search for:


Now, click “end process” on all these tasks.

SOLUTION 2: Delete The Trojan Registries
Go to “Run” and type “regedit” which will enlist the following:



32 threadingmodel

hellexecutehooks {77ae90a3-daf3-429b-9e3f-fa1252467579}

Now you’re task is to delete these registries.

SOLUTION 3: Use Online Torrent Download Services
There are free trojan remover services which works totally on web basis. These torrent clients could be extension to the browser or would be a built-in function. Such as earlier version of Opera used to incorporate built in torrent client. There are extensions for chrome and firefox mozilla as well.

To the torrent enthusiasts, take it as a note of precaution; download only from trusted and authentic links because you shouldn’t underestimate the power of Trojan Horse.

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