Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Biggest Preventive Measure of Virus Infection!!

Many times computer users ask the antivirus experts how their system does get infected. The single and simple answer is you. You are the one who opens up a lot of opportunities for these nasty foreign agents to cause havoc to your system. If you fail to pay attention to the below mentioned points, even best antivirus protection will bend knees before the virus attack.
It is not rocket science to understand the basics of smart online behavior that will help you create a shield between your system and any malicious software. You may or may not have heard these smart tricks which are nothing but truly common sense. You need not install or download from a source that is unknown and distrustful. Sources of such sort are discussed below in detail:
WEBSITE: You get to surf internet whole day and come across many websites that are obnoxious. You can leave the site at once and do research about the software that site is asking to install. This ways you can avoid a malware attack. If it seems ok you can revisit the website and install.
E-MAIL: You should not read or open the mails coming from unknown sources. Avoid spam e-mails under all circumstances. Emails with attachments or containing links from known senders should be approached with caution. If you are suspicious of what you are installing or viewing don’t go ahead. The sender might be your friend but he might not know that he is infecting you. If you repeatedly receive malicious mails or content from a known sender you can ask them to contact the experts able to handle it remotely.
PHYSICAL TRNSFER: It is very often seen that people share hard discs, pen drives to share files, games etc with friends and families. This is another possible medium how infections get transferred. Do not accept any files without scanning them, if you are still unsure do not accept them. There are some people who are interested to fetch your personal information and they deliberately try to infect your system.
These all sources can be tempting enough that you fall into their trap once or more. When struck in such circumstance, contact experts to get remote virus removal software. They will help you clean it up in fraction of time. 

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