Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Easy & Quick Steps To Remove Computer Cookies

Cookies are tiny files that are put on the PC by the websites in order to store information about the preferences of the users. These small files improve the browsing experience by allowing users directly visit the website by avoiding signing in every time. However, it is important to know that some cookies put the privacy at risk, as they track the sites visited by the user.

Block or allow cookies

Blocking cookies is the ideal solution if you don’t want websites to store them on your system. However, this may stop some pages from displaying appropriately. Moreover, you may get a message from some particular websites to allow cookies if you want to view those sites.

How to remove computer cookies?

Every browser has different way of deleting cookies. No matter which browser you use, here are easy solutions for them all.

Google Chrome

1. For Chrome version 14 or higher, click the wrench button given in the upper-right corner. Now, select ‘options’.
2. In the navigation pane, click ‘under the hood’.
3. Under the privacy section, click ‘content settings’.
4. In the cookies section, click ‘all cookies and site data’.
5. A list of cookies will appear. Click ‘remove all’ to delete all cookies.


1. Select the ‘Firefox’ menu. From there, select ‘options’ followed by ‘options’ again.
2. Now, click the ‘privacy’ tab to get user-privacy options.
3. Under the history section, click the ‘remove individual cookies’ link.
4. A cookies window will appear. Click the ‘remove all cookies’ button. This will delete all cookies.


1. In the version 5 or later, click the ‘gears’ menu in the upper-right corner. Select ‘reset safari’.
2. Check the bottom box, which is labeled as ‘remove all website data’. Uncheck everything else.
3. Click the ‘reset’ button to delete all cookies.

Internet Explorer
1. Select the ‘tools’ menu from the Internet Explorer window and click ‘delete browsing history’.
2. Check the box next to ‘cookies’. Uncheck everything else.
3. Click ‘delete’ to remove all cookies.

Follow these simple steps and free your system from cookies without any external help.


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