Thursday, 15 September 2016

Quick Ways To Instantly Speed Up A Slow Mac

Have you ever heard is your Mac running slow? Yes, Mac also goes through the similar problem at times. Check out the 10 quick ways to speed up a slow Mac that will help you identify the bugs and fix them.
  • Discard all the junk on the hard drive: Clean up the startup items list, after installed applications, remove system plugins and more.
  •  Reset SMC to fix problems: This can fix everything stating from startup issues to Wi-Fi hardware problems.
  • Close applications: Applications are often running in the dock. Check the applications marked with a dot on the dock, right-click or you can also Ctrl-click their icons followed by selecting ‘quit’.
  • Reduce startup programs: Open the system preferences window. Click the ‘users & groups’ icon and select your current user account. Now click, ‘login items’. Uncheck the applications that you don’t want when you log in.
  • Clean up launch agents: They run secretly in the background and also start other software automatically without user’s knowledge. It is important to clean them.  
  • Reduce transparency and animations: This can help to a great extent by speeding things up.
  • Lighten the browser: Make sure to minimize the number of browser extensions you use. Have less tabs, open at once to save CPU resources and memory.
  • Disable FileVault disk encryption: Go to the system preferences window and click the ‘security & privacy’ icon. Now click the ‘FileVault’ heading and turn off FileVault disk encryption.
  • Speed up the finder: To do this, click the ‘finder’ menu and select ‘preferences’. Select your preferred folder under ‘new finder windows show’.
  • Free disk space: Click the Apple menu and select ‘about this Mac’. Check under the ‘storage’ heading. If there is no amount of free space, free it on the internal storage. Disk space is also helpful in the condition, computer running slow.
Speed up your Mac and slow PC to work efficiently and smooth anytime you want.  
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