Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How Service Providers can Help in Making Your Computer Run Fast?

If your super-fast computer has started crawling, you cannot blame your hardware as the only culprit. Definitely, you can upgrade your CPU or replace the old drive with SSD. But, you cannot address the root cause by spending your fortune on these costly procedures.  Actually, your hardware is overloaded and not under-powered.

But, you don’t have to get panicked as every problem has a solution. Thankfully there are some service providers who can assist you when you feel your computer running very slow. They are expected to troubleshoot your problems by; 

  •       Defragmenting the hard drive of your computer regularly:  When you save a big file in your hard drive, it automatically gets fragmented and get stored in different location. It will make your laptop running slow. To avoid it, you can use a defragmenter tool which will organize the data and improve the performance of your pc.
  •        Updating your software: If you think- ‘Why is my pc so slow?’ Then, the answer is may be your software is outdated. You should update your software quite often. The updating of the software includes applications, web browsers, and most significantly, Windows itself. 
  •        Deleting all the temporary files: Clean up your disk by removing the unimportant system files and temporary files. Hit the ‘Start’ button. Type ‘Disk clean up’ in the search bar. You will get a long menu. Click on ‘Disk clean up’. In the section of ‘Disk clean up’, choose the file you want to remove and then hit OK. At last, click on ‘Delete Files’. 

However, note that you should never start the programs automatically. Every program uses RAM. If you are not using these programs always, you can prevent the loading of those programs at Windows start up. It will help you to speed the booting. A computer is a costly possession. So, you have to take care of it to make it long-lasting.
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