Tuesday, 26 April 2016

How Can Your Service Provider Fix The Blue Screen On Your Computer?

Are you often getting frustrated to see the ‘Blue Screen’ whenever you turn on your computer? Don’t get panicked as it is one of the most common errors. Sometimes, even restarting the computer doesn't work and you have to do something more to troubleshoot it. But, how? At that time, you should contact the technical team, who will do the job for you. 

They will fix it in the following ways:
·         Check the internal hardware of your computer: To fix the blue screen of death, you have to make sure that your internal hardware is working fine. Many times, the loose connection in your PC can cause the appearance of the blue screen. They will open the case and connect all the wires firmly. In case of laptops, check the RAM and the hard drive to make sure that they are properly connected.

·         Find out the working condition of your RAM: Your PC run and function only when the CPU accesses it. If there is something wrong with your RAM, your computer will automatically stop working. Consequently, your CPU will also stop all of a sudden. So, to avoid such issues, they have to check the RAM. They can simply change your RAM to avoid having such blue screen on computer.

·         Remove the viruses from Windows: Viruses play an essential role in corrupting our Windows and turn the screen of our computer blue. Installation of a good antivirus can help you in this case. It will completely scan your computer and will help you to get rid of the blue screen if it is appearing due to the viruses.

Anyone who wants to know how to fix blue screen of death for a long time can apply the tips mentioned above. If you’re a complete newbie, it’s better not to take any risk and call the customer support centre. They will first diagnose your pc’s problem and then fix it without damaging your computer in anyway. 


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